To add more realism to the concept all establishments in Kidzzdom® have to be fully branded by a leading counterpart actually operating in the guests’ real country. So instead of preparing a simple burger, our young guests will be preparing a Whopper at Burger King; and instead of just opening a bank account, children will be opening a bank account at the Saudi Invest Bank.

Social Responsibility

Through the park’s Relationship Marketing, sponsors can reach an entire generation of children as well as their parents to strengthen their customer loyalty and engage them in a long-term customer relation rather than shorter-term goals like customer acquisition and individual sales. The latter would automatically lead to long term returns on investment and to increased sales.


The children of today are the customers of tomorrow, they develop an unmatchable and long-lasting loyalty to brands they are exposed to from a very early age and nurture it until they grow up. This proves why sponsoring an establishment in Kidzzdom® will have a medium to long-term impact on your customers. In addition to that, children not only impact decision taking regarding toys and candies but they also influence purchasing patterns made by their parents.


Above all Kidzzdom® is a new marketing platform the sponsors can use to differentiate their products from the competition. Sponsors can also use this new platform to conduct Experimental Marketing, to distribute samples, to offer food tasting, to organize targeted events or launches, and a complete set of benefits to promote your brand and sales.


For further enquiries, please email us at [email protected]

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Why partner with us?

MINOPOLIS offers the opportunity to its Sponsors to boost their brands’ awareness through:
  • Communicating with city visitors (Children & Parents)
  • Interacting with MINOPOLIS visitors 365 days a year
  • Build loyalty for sponsor brands
  • Participating in promotional activities
In case you are interested to becoming a MINOPOLIS Partner, we are looking forward to your message to discuss your ideas and individual business opportunity.