Kidzzdom® Establishments


Ground Floor, Number 48

Would you like to become a doctor? Do you enjoy wearing a white coat, listening to the heart beats through a stethoscope, prescribe medications and set a diagnose? Visit Kidzzdom® hospital where you may try various professions. At the nursery station you will take care of newborns. You will learn everything about the teeth at the dentists’ office. Explore the human’s organs at the surgery and rescue a patient. Or check your eyes at the ophthalmology, especially if you are planning to get a Kidzzdom® license. And in case of alarm, be ready to get into the ambulance truck and conduct a first aid for a patient. Become a hero and take care of health!

Values Learned

  • High tec
  • Problem solving
  • Working in a group
  • Doing precise work
  • Hygiene


Profession Wage

Surgeon 12 Riyalinos
Trainee -8 Riyalinos

Duration play act

20 Minutes