Kidzzdom® Establishments


Ground Floor, Number 6

Do you still play imaginary supermarket at home? Discover a real supermarket designed for kids at Kidzzdom®. Just grab your shopping cart, take a trip through the supermarket isles choose groceries and pay for them with your Riyalinos at the cashier desk. You can also try various professions at the supermarket, such as salesperson, stock boy/girl, forwarder, cashier or security. All these professions provide smooth operation of the supermarket. Pay attention that you fill up your shopping cart with the correct groceries.

Values Learned

  • Finance
  • Communication
  • Listening
  • Working in a group
  • Math
  • Writing


Profession Wage

Customer -5 Riyalinos
Merchandiser 7 Riyalinos
Stock Controller 7 Riyalinos
Cashier 10 Riyalinos

Duration play act

20 Minutes